Soul Cure: Your Path to Total Wellbeing

soul cure Soul Cure: Your Path to Total Wellbeing, focuses on how insights from over 5,000 years of traditional Jewish soul-body medicine are playing a crucial role in enabling people to live physically, emotionally, and mentally healthier lives today. But this is so much more than another 60-minute lecture. Participants will:

  • Discover a free online tool that can help you diagnose and treat the spiritual causes underlying your ailments;
  • Explore Jewish healing meditations, affirmations, and practices that research shows reduces your risk of chronic illness, and increase your sense of happiness, life satisfaction, meaning and purpose;
  • Review actual cases demonstrating the incredible healing power of techniques previously available to only the spiritually elite.

This seminar is presented by Rabbi Meilech Leib DuBrow, founder and president of the College of Torahpractic Medicine, and author of Jewish Healing for Body & Soul. Grounded yet entertaining, Rabbi DuBrow is on a mission to spread the news about the transformation taking place in Jewish healing and wellness. A nationally recognized educator and public speaker on traditional Jewish medicine and meditation, DuBrow founded the College of Torahpractic Medicine and developed the groundbreaking Website. Trained as a master herbalist and holistic health practitioner, Rabbi DuBrow has devoted over forty years to researching and making accessible the esoteric tradition of Jewish medicine. For additional background information or to schedule an interview, visit www.torahpractic or call 424-249-9163.

Schedule for this Event

Chabad Jewish Center of Mission Viejo

Soul Cure Shabbaton

Friday, 7:00PM, February 21

Saturday, 12:30PM, February 22

For further information and reservations, call 949-770-1270.

Chabad of Malibu

Soul Cure Seminar

Motzei Shabbos, 7:30PM, January 11, 2014

We are sorry you missed this event. But you can see some of the pictures and video from it by following this link.

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